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Seven Deadly Sins of the Workplace

Seven Deadly Sins of the Workplace   There are seven deadly sins that will get in your way if you are not aware of them. Anger It is never appropriate to be disrespectful with your coworkers regardless of interpersonal conflict, exhaustion, deadlines, or skipping lunches. Envy Are you envious of coworker’s achievements?  Resisting envy is… Read More

Salary Ranges Will Soon be Included in Many Job Listings: Here’s How You Can Take Advantage of That

Table of Contents New York City has become the latest city to enact laws regarding pay transparency, opening up opportunities for increased leverage in job negotiations for workers throughout the country! When applying for a job, use posted salary information to determine how you will address questions about salary expectations and whether or not you… Read More

The Effects of the 40+ Hour Work Week: Five Ways America’s Work Schedule Impacts the Body and Brain

American workers know the drill. Even after working 40 hours a week, they often feel pressured to work long hours to complete more work.   The world’s wealthiest man and newest Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, made headlines recently after some Twitter employees were encouraged to work a 12-hour shift, seven days straight, to meet the CEO’s… Read More

How to Deal with Stress During the Holidays

During the holidays it’s easy to get caught up in all the extra activities and the spirit of the Season.  But it is also the time of year that some people struggle the most. There are several ways to help you combat the stress associated with the holidays.  Acknowledge how you are feeling.  If you… Read More

How to Become a Compassionate Leader in the Workplace

Anyone taking on a leadership role in the workplace must walk along fine lines. Workplace leaders must innovate while keeping their company in the black. They must inspire co-workers to do an excellent job while holding them accountable. They are expected to create a workplace atmosphere that will attract new workers without compromising productivity. Even… Read More

How to Support a Co-Worker After a Job Loss

Being fired or laid off from a job can isolate the person receiving the pink slip. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to offer your support. Usually, when a person is fired or loses a job, their life is turned upside down. However, the ripple effect a job loss can have on the… Read More

Making the Weekend Seem Longer

After a long week at work, the weekends seem to go by faster than we would like. Even those extended, three-day holiday weekends and full vacations become just a blur. No matter what the situation, the bottom line is that, for workers, leisure time seemingly passes faster than time spent at work. Thankfully, many mental… Read More

Five Steps to Constructively Address a Co-Worker’s Mistake

Mistakes in the workplace are inevitable. If it has not happened already, there will likely come a time in your career when someone at work is going to make a glaring error, and you will be faced with the dilemma of whether or not you should point out their mistake. While it may be easier… Read More

Nine Questions Job Candidates Should Never Ever Be Asked During An Interview

When employers are engaged in the hiring process, they naturally want to connect with potential employees on a personal level. However, getting too friendly can lead to a slippery slope. Many questions may seem benign but may in fact be deemed inappropriate and even illegal. Here are nine questions that employers and potential employees should… Read More

Forms of Anxiety Disguised as Workplace Personality Traits and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever felt so stressed out at work that you have knots in your stomach? Do you have a workplace reputation as a micromanager or a people pleaser? If so, you may be suffering from anxiety. This article outlines five work archetypes rooted in anxiety, which most mental health professionals agree is based on… Read More