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Applying for positions through Stand-By Personnel is easy and straight-forward.

If you know which position you'd like to apply for specifically, please click the

Job Application link below. If you'd like to fill out a "short" application instead to be notified of available jobs and special opportunities, click the Sign Up button below.

Apply now for a specific position using the button below.

Sign up below and submit your short application if you are unsure of the skill or trade you want to be hired for. We will get you into our system so you can be added to our e-mailing list for upcoming notifications on available jobs, projects, and special opportunities!


These dress code rules always apply, especially when you are applying for a job in our labor hall:

  1. All employees must be clean and well-groomed. Grooming styles dictated by religion and ethnicity aren’t restricted.

  2. All clothes must be work-appropriate. Clothes that are typical in workouts and outdoor activities aren’t allowed.  Shorts, cut off shirts, sweatpants and tank tops are not allowed.

  3. Absolutely no “sagging” is allowed.

  4. All clothes must project that you are ready to go to work. Clothes that are too revealing or inappropriate aren’t allowed.

  5. All clothes must be clean and in good shape. Discernible rips, tears or holes aren’t allowed.

  6. Employees must avoid clothes with stamps that are offensive or inappropriate.

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