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Skilled labor refers to workers who possess specific expertise, training, or qualifications in a particular trade, craft, or profession. These individuals have acquired specialized skills, knowledge, and experience through education, on-the-job training, or apprenticeship programs. Skilled laborers are often highly proficient in their respective fields and can perform tasks that require a higher degree of precision, technical competence, and experience than unskilled or semi-skilled workers.


  • Applicant must have a minimum of 2 years recent on the job experience.

  • Applicant must have reliable transportation to get to and from the job and have
    own phone.

  • Most of the jobs through our Skilled Division are long term temp to hire. (Employee
    will work for SBP for approximately 90 days. After that, employee will be put on the
    Customers payroll. No fee to employee.)

  • Most of our Customers through the Skilled Division require a background check and
    drug test.

  • Applicant will be required to provide proper identification that enables applicant to
    work in the United States. This Division pays weekly.


Employees who accrue 500 hours within the thirteen week period, preceding the holiday, who work the scheduled days before and after the holiday, will be paid at your current straight time pay rate.  Paid holidays will include Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


Stand-By Personnel offers full benefits:  medical, vision, prescription, dental, short term disability and life insurance.  Forms must be signed at the time of application or during open enrollment February 2nd to March 3rd.


Employees, who have worked 1500 hours in any 12 month period, are entitled to one weeks paid vacation, payable at your average wage computed over the 1500 hours.


After working at least an 8 hour day, you are eligible for a $50.00 advance with a maximum of two advances per week. However, you must work at least 16 hours in between the two advances.  There is no administration fee for your first advance, but there after you will be charged a $5.00 administration fee for each advance received.  Welders can only have two advances.


If you are registered in our system, and you send us an applicant that turns into an employee, you may be entitled to our “Referral Bonus.”  If this applicant works 80 hours you will receive $125.00 for the referral of a skilled worker, and $200.00 for a Machinist or Welder. (The applicant must list your name in the “Who referred you?” section of the application).

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