If you have ever felt unsure about what to wear to work, relax: you are not alone. Many individuals in every industry face this same dilemma. Knowing how to dress appropriately for work can be especially difficult if your new job is in a different field or at a different level than the jobs you have held previously.


Human Resources is a Great Resource


At many companies, new employees are given copies of the employee handbook. Your employee handbook should cover the basics of your company’s dress code. If you need to clarify any of the terms in the employee handbook or you have questions about specific items, never hesitate to ask Human Resources about them. A dress code can go beyond barring certain types of clothing and cuts – it can require employees to wear or avoid certain colors, patterns, or outfit combinations.


Ask your Colleagues About What to Wear


Talk to your colleagues about what is and is not appropriate to wear to work. Consider asking them specific questions, like whether the dress code changes on days where clients visit the workplace or you attend a special event.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to your immediate colleagues about what to wear because they are a different gender, age group, or have cultural or religious beliefs that do not align with yours, your boss is the best person to ask about the dress code. Online forums can also be a good resource for questions you do not feel comfortable asking face to face.


When in Doubt, Overdress Instead of Underdressing


If you are still not sure what to wear to your new job, wear something similar to what you wore for your interview. Typically, interview outfits are more formal than everyday work outfits. Stick to neutral colors and conservative styles until you get a better sense of the intricacies of your new employer’s dress code.


Our Experienced Staffing Agency can Help you Dress for Success


The best way to figure out what to wear to your new job is to be attentive to what others in the workplace are wearing and be proactive about finding appropriate outfits. Although your job’s dress code might fall into a broad category like “business casual” or “professional,” it is good to determine exactly what is permitted and discouraged by your company’s individual dress code. For help determining appropriate work outfits, work with our team of staffing specialists at Stand-by Personnel.