With a combined experience of more than 30 years; Standby Personnel Recruiters Leslie, Derek and Will discuss what makes a good interview/candidate.

Consider the points below when preparing yourself /your resume for an interview to ensure the most successful chance of finding the best opportunity.


What is the first thing you look for in a candidate?

  1. Leslie stated that She looks for eye contact
  2. Will said the first thing he looks for is self-presentation. This includes job readiness, do they have a resume, do they communicate effectively, are they attentive, mature, and professional.
  3. Derek said he looks at work history, personality, preparedness for the interview, seriousness about finding a job.


How important is the appearance of the resume?

  1. It depends on the company you are submitting your resume to, but all of our recruiters are willing to help.
  2.  The resume is a direct reflection of you and how you want to present yourself.
  3.  The resume is especially important because it needs to be clear and easy to read, there should be no typos and the job duties are specific and detailed. Most employers look at the job history for length of employment, so make sure not to clutter the resume with short term jobs.


What kind of questions can you expect to be asked during an interview?

  1. Leslie and Derek will ask what the ideal job or the best job is you have had. Will asks what interests you about the job you applied for.
  2. Derek wants to know what your strengths are and how that will benefit the company. Leslie wants to know what three values you bring with you. Will is interested in knowing about your motivation to work.
  3. Leslie and Will agree that knowing when you are able to start work, and what kind of pay you are looking for is an important factor when searching for a particular type of job. Derek will ask what the most important thing about the company is, size, pay, benefits, industry


Naming the three most common things looked for on a resume

  1. Will looks for experience, up to date resume and job history
  2. Derek is looking for length of employment, job duties and education/certifications
  3.  Leslie is looking for experience, duration of work history and what kind of job you are looking for.


Characteristics that identify an unacceptable candidate during the interview process

  1. Will and Derek say poor attitude is an immediate indicator of a person who is not invested.
  2. According to Leslie, using your phone to text or search during an interview shows that you have no real interest in looking for a job


The type of job that you are looking for.

  1. Leslie says it’s not always possible to know what you are looking for; the process is about trial and error and communication with your recruiter
  2. Will says it is extremely important to know what kind of job you are looking for because this is the direction you are preparing yourself for.
  3. Derek says that it is important because it allows him to look at the job opportunities and fit you with the one that will help you to be successful


How to create an impressive resume

  1. Leslie feels that you should take your time and proofread when constructing a new resume.
  2. Will says that your resume should be short and direct. This is your chance to sell yourself. Make sure to highlight your relevant experience and skill level. Make your resume memorable and original. Use spell check!
  3. Derek feels that you should have your dates in order from the most recent to the oldest. He recommends your resume be one page. Make sure you emphasize job duties in 5 to 7 bullet points.


The entire staff at Standby Personnel is happy to help you obtain the job that fits your needs Monday through Friday 7am to 3:30pm. You may call us at 918-582-0522 or come to any of our five locations to apply and interview.