Not everyone is capable of coping with their anxiety at work. Workplace anxiety is best described as anxiety that includes feeling tense, stress, uneasy or nervous about work. Anxiety can be disruptive  at home, but at work it can be debilitating. Workplace anxiety affects approximately 40 % of the work force during the workday. Symptoms… Read More

  SKILLED: a job that involves having a specific skill and  receives an hourly wage.  A skilled trade does not require a degree, but you will have a better chance of being hired if you have a certificate or significant experience in that area.  Drug test and background check are completed with skilled jobs, your… Read More

Workplace safety is of utmost importance, especially in blue-collar jobs where workers are more exposed to hazards and injuries due to the nature of their work. Blue-collar jobs include manual labor jobs, such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, and maintenance, among others. In these jobs, workers use heavy machinery, tools, and equipment that can pose a… Read More

Over the past few decades, technological advancements have drastically impacted various industries and sectors, including blue-collar jobs. Blue-collar jobs are typically those that involve manual labor, such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, and other similar fields. The advent of new technologies has brought significant changes to these fields, and the impact has been both positive and… Read More

Brett Brumbaugh is a Certified Welding Inspector and Recruiter.   Brett became  a welder working on pipelines and learned the welding trade and combined with his experience in the manufacturing industry both as a superintendent and quality control he is able to identify the needs of clients and applicants. Jimmy Hutson is a Certified welding inspector… Read More

A good reputation at work is crucial for career success and personal fulfillment. It reflects your credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness, which can positively impact your relationships with colleagues, clients, and employers. A good reputation can lead to better job opportunities, increased job satisfaction, and higher respect and recognition from others in your industry. Consider the… Read More

In today’s job market some people are reluctant to work for a Temp Agency.  Here is what you would be missing out on not working for Stand-By Personnel.   Experience While there are many staffing agencies that have been around for a while, Stand-By has been in business for over 28 years in the Tulsa… Read More

Sadly, gone are the days when workers could come home, kick their feet up, relax, and leave their work behind. For a whole host of reasons, burnout from work has become a real issue for many Americans, and, according to experts, it is becoming increasingly common across a wide range of industries. According to a… Read More

These days, distractions exist everywhere. From cell phones and smartwatches to email and social media notifications, it seems that every day presents a new challenge for remaining focused while at work. We live in a world where most of us suffer from immediacy syndrome, which is the feeling that we must respond immediately to every… Read More