While the desire to do one’s best is admirable, high personal expectations can sometimes become unrealistic or impossible, putting them on the path to perfectionism. Pursuing perfectionism isn’t always bad, of course. Research has shown that individuals who always hold themselves to a high standard are engaged and thorough in work environments and motivated for… Read More

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Regardless of what industry you work in, you will undoubtedly encounter co-workers who are difficult to deal with at some point in your career. These co-workers may be annoying, boring, or even draining, but there is nothing more overwhelming than dealing with narcissistic co-workers. Narcissistic people are marred by insecurity, unable to handle criticism. Narcissists… Read More

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6 Ways to Lift Your Mood Along That Tedious Route No matter your circumstances, a commute can become tedious. Whether it’s traffic nightmares, packed subway cars, delayed busses, or even unpleasant encounters along your bike route, commuting will always come with its fair share of frustration. Since they’ve yet to invent a teleportation device to… Read More