Have you ever felt stuck at work? Stuck as in showing up and doing the same thing every single day, like clockwork? Or, stuck as in having no motivation to do whatever project is tossed your way? 

Getting stuck often comes with feelings of frustration or a lack of purpose or responsibility. Feeling motivated and challenged by your work is important to maintaining a healthy and happy mindset. Here are some tips to help you get out of your work rut!

First, figure out what type of stuck you are.

Your options for both scenarios are pretty much the same. However, if you have lost motivation for work and think that the reason involves something outside of work – family, friends, stress, etc – you will probably handle the situation differently. We wrote a blog, how to de-stress from work, that might help you.

If your rut has something to do with the work, here are 6 tips to get unstuck.

Take a break

Seriously! Take a break. If you are one of those guys who just can not seem to stop working, be it at a job or around the house, this is especially helpful. 

Work can be exhausting and when you are on the same project for a while or simply lost some motivation, taking a weekend off or planning a vacation might be the jump start that you need to get back on track. This does not need to be expensive; make it a stay-cation. Take a weekend break around the house and hang out with the family, catch up on your favorite Netflix shows or read a book.

Find Inspiration

We all know what gets us fired up. For some that might be a song, a movie or a good book. For others, it might be a trip to the city, some quality time with friends and family or a hard workout. Whatever it is, find it.

Go for a walk

This is a simple solution for short term ruts. Go for a walk while on your break and clear your head if you feel like the day or the week is not going in the right direction. Take a hike during the weekend or with family. Getting out into nature can make all the difference. 

Chat with your coworkers

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut and we find a way to make it worse on ourselves. Often times people turn to seclusion when things seem to be caving in on them. When your work becomes repetitive, your conversations with your coworkers do not have to. Learn more about your friends. Find new topics to discuss while knocking out the project. Perhaps your coworkers are going through the same challenge as you are. 

Find a new challenge

If you are in a rut, it is probably because you are stuck doing repetitive work so finding a new challenge is really out of the question. But, try to get creative. Try to find different ways to complete the project you are currently working on. Or if you have a long to-do list, try taking care of some of the smaller projects first before returning to the main project. It is important for your work to be thought-provoking. Get creative with your project and your coworkers to find a solution.

Talk to your boss

If you have tried everything possible to get out of the rut, perhaps you should have a conversation with your boss. Be honest with him or her explaining your situation. Ask to be assigned to a new project permanently or even temporarily to get your mind straight. Or ask just to put the project on hold for a week just to switch directions for a bit. Unless you are working on a major project, your boss is likely to work with you to help you get unstuck. 

Perhaps you are ready for a new challenge

Sometimes your work can just simply wear you out. Perhaps it has become too repetitive and you can not find a way to fix that. Or perhaps you have reached your peak at your current position and you are ready for a new challenge. Leaving a job is not for everyone, especially when there is no guarantee of a replacement job. There are several factors you should consider before leaving your job, chief among them being a conversation with your family. But if the cards are right, by all means a new job might be the best option for you!

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