If you have ever worked under a condescending boss, struggled with difficult co-workers, or been swamped with mind-numbing work, you have probably daydreamed about rage quitting your job. You may have even taken the time to plan out the scenario in your head: letting your manager have it, cursing out that co-worker, throwing your work in the trash, and finally storming out for the final time ever. 

Even if you do not act on these scenarios, scripting them is an alarming sign that something in your work-life needs to be adjusted. Although it seems appealing to quit with a dramatic exit, it can be damaging for your career. Considering other methods that are less serious but still would be considered rage quitting can have some serious consequences. 

If you have been feeling this type of way when considering resigning from a position, but know it is the wrong decision, you may be curious as to what you can do instead. Here are tips on how to face reality and take action in a way rewarding for both your happiness and future work. 

Find ways to cool down in the heat of the moment 

If rage quitting becomes a regular fantasy in your life, chances are you are put in situations often that test your boundaries. These situations could include manipulative e-mails, awful meetings, or even workplace bullying. Whatever the situation may be, it is best to find ways to cope. 

Instead of reacting in a way that you will regret, make a list of some things you can do that will calm you down in the moment. Some remedies may include taking a walk, stepping out of the room for a minute, watching something funny, meditating, calling a close friend to vent, and drinking some water. Taking this pause to regroup and find yourself again in the heat of the moment will help you reset and make a better more productive choice. 

Get acquainted with the source of rage

When considering rage quitting, sometimes it is best practice to reflect on what may truly be the source of this anger. Oftentimes we get so caught up in the moment that we do not consider working through the issue to get to the source. 

For example, people who have never dealt with rage and anger from a workplace may go straight to the idea that something is wrong with them and the only way out is to quit. On the other hand, people may go straight to blaming their boss, co-worker, or even the profession in general. It is so important that you take time to understand where this anger stems from. 

This may be hard for most people, but to get clarity, it is recommended that you journal your thoughts and emotions towards your job. Journaling allows you to let go of negative thoughts and clear your mind which may result in possible solutions that you never before thought about. 

Get an outside perspective

Sometimes the best way for us to get through tough situations is to ask an outsider’s opinion. Because our anger tends to steer our judgment’s direction, it is beneficial to talk with a trusted person to get a fresh perspective. 

Oftentimes reaching out to others is a way for us to vent. It allows us to let out what we have been holding in. This can also be a time to gain new insights. Ask trusted people for their advice- what would they do if they were in your shoes. Ask them what their perspective is from your situation. Doing this allows you to see your situation from a different lens and could help relieve some of your stress. 

Imagine yourself in future interviews

A big question people have when impulsively quitting their job is how to properly handle telling an employer about your previous job experience. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to make that first great impression if your career story did not include any unprofessional behavior? As difficult as it may be to walk out of your previous job in a class-act manner, picture yourself interviewing for that next job. 

Trash talking your job will get you nowhere

The last thing you want to do is constantly be thinking or talking about your situation. This will result in more stress. When you find yourself getting ready to speak negatively about your situation, it is best to rather think of ways this will help you grow in your profession and prepare you for future obstacles you may have to encounter. 

You also never know who is listening or will find out. For example, while discussing your situation with a friend may seem like a one on one conversation, you do not know who else is listening or what may be repeated. Future employers do not want your baggage. They want someone who shows flexibility and adaptability. This is the image you want to be presented when you discuss your career with others. 

Take time off to center your health

When put in a situation that makes you feel the urge to rage quit, you will find yourself venting all the time. The thoughts that come to mind when thinking about your work will constantly be haunting you. You must also be taking care of your holistic health during this time. Sometimes all these means are taking a step back from everything and looking at what you are missing for your self-care process. If possible it may also mean taking time off from work. Being in the same toxic atmosphere every day can be detrimental to your overall health. Take time to step out of the workplace. 


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