Okay, so you sat down and put together some of your major goals for the new year. Now it is time to get out there and start accomplishing them. For many people, finding a new job or perhaps getting a promotion is at the top of their list. Whether you are unemployed looking for any work or you have had a job for several years but you want something new, a career change is a big step!… Read More

It is that time of year again. A time for friends and family; a time for giving thanks and showing appreciation to all those you love. It is also a time of reflection: another year has come and gone. It is always important to reflect on your past and plan out your future ambitions. The… Read More

  At Stand-By Personnel we are extremely thankful for all our wonderful employees, partners, and contractors. We enjoy working with the Tulsa community year in and year out. Each year, as a way to thank everyone who is a part of the Stand-By Family, we host a Holiday Dinner. The team at Stand-By Personnel spend… Read More

In a recent post, we outlined how to speed up your hiring process while still attracting top talent to your company. Hiring the right people for each position in your company is crucial to business success and longevity. Equally important to finding the right talent is keeping them around. Here are 8 tips to improve… Read More

One of the most important aspects of building any company is acquiring the right talent to assist you. Whether you are a small contracting firm or a large multi-tiered corporation, skillful team members are vital to your operation. This means that your hiring process needs to be perfected from the beginning. Too often though, companies… Read More

Let’s face it, saving money is not as easy as it sounds. There are always bills to pay, mouths to feed, and things to do. Saving somehow always seems to fall to the wayside. However, no matter where you are at in life, it is super important to try and save money. You never know… Read More

By now you are probably familiar with the adage: the real magic happens outside of your comfort zone. The implication is that you need to experiment and step outside of your traditional viewpoint in order to make real progress; staying inside your comfort zone is a one-way ticket to averageness. How much truth is there… Read More

Stand-By Personnel, a 21st Century Staffing Agency When one of our Stand-By Personnel staff members is talking to an individual, too often we hear, “I thought you guys just hired labor and welding people?” or “Yes, I know Stand-By Personnel. You have a Day Labor, and you put homeless people out on jobs.” While this… Read More

Have you ever felt stuck at work? Stuck as in showing up and doing the same thing every single day, like clockwork? Or, stuck as in having no motivation to do whatever project is tossed your way?  Getting stuck often comes with feelings of frustration or a lack of purpose or responsibility. Feeling motivated and… Read More

In recent posts, we detailed some of the signs that you are ready for a new challenge and some of the ways that you can make that career change. These mostly involved leaving your current role for something that is a better fit for your desires, but perhaps you like your current employer and would… Read More