Many workers receive the upsetting news every holiday season that they’re facing a layoff. While there is no ideal time to be fired from a job, there is no doubt that a job loss is especially stinging around the holidays. While the holidays are a celebratory time for most people, employers usually undertake restructuring and… Read More

Becoming a first-time manager isn’t easy, no matter your industry. That’s because most first-time managers lack the guidance necessary for success. Experts note that most blue-collar workers haven’t had management training. Therefore, they approach the job by mimicking what they’ve seen other managers do, which isn’t always the right thing. For first-time managers, job management… Read More

When you work side-by-side with someone in a vehicle, a workspace, or some other close quarters, you’re exposed to each other’s habits daily. Unfortunately, not everyone likes what they see, hear, or smell.   Sometimes, we can distance ourselves from the annoying coworker that no one wants to be around, but what if that person is… Read More

You’re minding your own business at work, going about your daily tasks, when you notice someone seems to be deliberately trying to make you look bad. Maybe they’re leaving passive-aggressive Post-It notes on your desk, or maybe they’re taking credit for your ideas in front of the boss. Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious… Read More

Anyone taking on a leadership role in the workplace must walk along fine lines. Workplace leaders must innovate while keeping their company in the black. They must inspire co-workers to do an excellent job while holding them accountable. They are expected to create a workplace atmosphere that will attract new workers without compromising productivity. Even… Read More

Being fired or laid off from a job can isolate the person receiving the pink slip. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to offer your support. Usually, when a person is fired or loses a job, their life is turned upside down. However, the ripple effect a job loss can have on the… Read More

After a long week at work, the weekends seem to go by faster than we would like. Even those extended, three-day holiday weekends and full vacations become just a blur. No matter what the situation, the bottom line is that, for workers, leisure time seemingly passes faster than time spent at work. Thankfully, many mental… Read More

Mistakes in the workplace are inevitable. If it has not happened already, there will likely come a time in your career when someone at work is going to make a glaring error, and you will be faced with the dilemma of whether or not you should point out their mistake. While it may be easier… Read More