FAQs – Skilled and Welding

Q? When do I get paid?

A. Thru our skilled and Welding Divisions you will get paid every Thursday.  Example:  Work Monday thru Sunday and them you will receive your check that next Thursday.

Q? How do I get paid?

A.  You can get a paper check, direct deposit or pay card (either bring your own pay card or use ours).

Q? Do I pay any fees?

A.  No. Applicants are never charged a fee at Stand-By Personnel

Q? Do I have to have my own transportation?

A.  Thru our skilled and welding divisions you must have your own vehicle.

Q? How do I stay on your active list?

A. Stand-By's skilled and welding divisions ask that you call in available at 918-582-0522 at least once a week.

Q? Do you just have short term jobs?

A. Our skilled and welding divisions are primarily long term temp to hire positions, which means you work for us approximately 90 days and if you like the company and they like you then you will move to their payroll, we also receive some short term assignments and we will notify you when we contact you if it is short term to see whether you would like to accept it or not.

Q? What type of benefits do you offer?

A.  We offer medical, dental, vision, life insurance; short term disability, vacation and holiday pay and safety bonuses (This is only offered thru our skilled and welding divisions).

Q? When am I eligible for holiday pay?

A.  You must work 500 hours in the last 13 weeks preceding the holiday.  (This is only offered thru our skilled and welding divisions).

Q? When am I eligible for vacation pay?

A.  You must work 1500 hours within 1 year.

Q? What should I do if I am injured while on assignment?

A.  If an accident occurs and you are injured while on the job, please notify your immediate supervisor where you are working, secondly contact our worker's compensation department at 918-582-0631 or 918-812-6941.

Q? What should I do if I am sick and can't go to work?

A.  Skilled and welding division you will need to contact Stand-By at 918-582-0522 and contact the customer that you are on assignment with.

Q? What should I do if my assignment has ended?

A.  Skilled and welding divisions please contact your customer service rep. as soon as possible so we can consider you for a new assignment.