No employer can bar you from working during your pregnancy. As a pregnant individual, you have the right to seek work, start a new job, and work for as long as you are comfortable working before your due date.

In the time between conception and your child’s birth, your body will change in new, often challenging ways. When these bodily changes and outside needs related to your pregnancy make it difficult to continue performing your standard job duties, you can ask your supervisor to make changes to your schedule, work environment, or duties. As long as these accommodations do not put an undue burden on the company or your colleagues, you are entitled to receive them. Failure to make these accommodations is pregnancy discrimination.

A Flexible Schedule

During pregnancy, a woman can attend 12 or more doctor appointments. To make it to all these appointments, a woman may need to leave work early, come in late, or take time off.

Pregnant women also frequently experience symptoms like severe nausea that make it difficult to get to work and be productive for a full work day. For days like this, a woman may ask for time off or the opportunity to telecommute. Under federal law, pregnancy must be treated like any other temporary disability.

A More Comfortable Work Environment

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable. A pregnant woman can experience water retention, which can cause her feet and other extremities to swell, and become fatigued easily. For an employee who spends the bulk of her day standing, providing a chair is a reasonable accommodation.

Another accommodation a pregnant woman may seek is a deviation from the dress code to permit her to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Changes to your Job Duties

Employees in jobs that require frequent movement, climbing on ladders, and carrying objects may be permitted to take regular breaks or perform desk-based work during their pregnancies. They may also be assigned to less physically demanding shifts.

In a job where employees work with toxic substances, a pregnant woman may be excused from this work to protect her health and her fetus’ health.

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