Read, If You Dare…
Halloween is the time for costumes, office parties, candy and scary stories. It’s every HR manager’s nightmare that all their hard work and effort is all for naught. So, beware from this tale…

There once was an HR manager named Linda who worked for a high tech company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Once day Linda’s boss, Eduardo, asked her to make 3 new hires in their BI and sales departments. Although Linda is an experienced HR manager, this task made her shiver and set a chill straight to her bones. As she looked around her desk with papers piled high, paycheck issues, complaints, and a variety of other issues crowding both her mental and physical space she began to sweat. She asked herself, “Where will I find the time???”

Despite the sinking feeling in her gut, Linda proceeded into the dark and unknown world of recruiting. She wrote the job descriptions and salary expectations in posts on relevant job boards. As she clicked the “SUBMIT” button Linda thought she felt something glide across her shoulder. A ghost? “Probably just Marc turning on the AC again…” she hoped. Having posted the jobs, Linda went about her day and HR tasks.

As the clock struck 3 that same afternoon, Linda heard a ringing. A ping… ping…ping, that got faster and more furious by the second, PING…PING… until it became a deafening screeching sound PING!!! PING!!!! PING!!! The noise didn’t stop. Linda’s heart began to beat faster and faster, sweat dripped on her keyboard as her eyes furiously scanned her computer. And then she saw it. A little red spot. Red like blood. Red, the color of envy and fury. She watched as this little red dot lay host to numbers, numbers that didn’t stop to rise every second. This dot, my friends? Her mail notifications. Linda’s box had become overtaken by applicants for the job.

Linda spun around in her ergonomic office chair as the leaflets of her photo collage calendar, a present from her niece, seemed to move as if something passed by them. Shaking, unsure of what to do, Linda entered her inbox. Hundreds of unqualified applicants were patiently waiting to rob Linda of her precious time. With every minute that ticked by on that loud, slow moving clock, the papers on Linda’s desk grew– as if possessed by some monster.

Eduardo would return later that day to check in with Linda on his way out of the office to take his kids trick-or-treating. He found Linda buried by piles of work that was neglected due to all her time and energy spent on recruiting and hiring. Linda was slumped over on her keyboard, causing the keys to type a strange message. Eduardo leaned in and rubbed his eyes to see more clearly, the words being typed in a ghoulish red, “WE SHOULD HAVE USED STANDBY PERSONNEL” over and over… and over again.

Stand-By Personnel saves you time, money and valuable resources by matching your company with the perfect employee you were looking for. Our recruiters are specially trained and qualified and have an entire database of available candidates in the Tulsa area. This allows HR managers to devote their precious time to other issues, as recruiters sort through candidates, presenting you with only the most relevant.

Have a safe and candy filled Halloween!